Have you been feeling tired, blocked, stymied ? Do you have a specific goal that always seems out of reach, such as a more successful career, or a love relationship ? My clients have experienced truly fantastic results from receiving my Chakra Healing combined with Shamanic Style Soul Retrieval. In the Shamanic worldview, extreme stress or trauma earlier in life can cause parts of a person's "Vital Essence" to split off. With the help of my Healing Angels, I go and track down this vital essence, returning it to the client. This vital essence brings back gifts, talents, and lots of life force. People have experienced a fuller, happier, more joyful life. Results are remarkable. People have come to me with the goal of finding true love, and after one soul retrieval, they meet the love of their life. I am humbly grateful that I can help people. After 24 years of study and practice, I feel confident that i can provide excellent results for you.